Tony Nik’s was originally home to Madame Nicco’s French Laundry, owned and operated by Angelina and Antonio ‘Tony’ Nicco during the 1920’s Prohibition era and the 1930’s Depression years.

When Prohibition was repealed in 1933, Tony immediately opened Tony Nicco’s Café, one of the first bars to open in North Beach. Tony Nicco’s was called a café because, at that time, food was required to be served with alcohol.

The bar was remodeled in 1949, adding the stylish bar canopy, the unique checkerboard wooden wall tiles, and the wall mural by local artist Nadine Torrance.

Tony retired and sold the bar to Charles ‘Butch’ Lavagnino, a long time friend and bartender, in 1951. Butch changed the name of the bar to Tony Nik’s, and was no longer required to serve food. The Tony Nik’s sign that still hangs outside the bar is the original sign, one of the oldest signs in North Beach.

Butch owned and operated Tony Nik’s for rest of the century, close to 50 years, through the many changes that took place in North Beach and San Francisco.

Tony Nik’s was sold in 2000 to the current owners, one of whom is Tony’s grandson. Great care was taken to restore and maintain the bar with all of the special and unique elements intact.

Step in and step back in time. Entering Tony Nik’s will bring you back to an era of friendly and professional bartenders; ice cold beer, delicious cocktails, drinks served just the way you like them.